Board Members

Board of Directors – Description of Roles within BSPS Scotland

Helen Outram

Covid 19 Officer Dance Convenor Trophy Convenor

Peter Page

Vice Chairman
Covid-19 Officer Winter Show Convenor Tiny Tots Show Convenor

Joyce Coltart

Summer Show Convenor

Shona Weir

Warm Up Show Convenor

Kenneth Hill

Chief Steward
Dope Testing Officer

Fraser MacGregor

Spring Show Convenor Mid Term Show Convenor Child Protection Officer

Alex Bankier

Sponsorship Convenor

Charlie Cousens

Karen Mowat

Northern Members Co-ordinator
Northern Training Day Convenor
Northern WHP Show Co-Ordinator

Margaret Whiteford

Training Day Convenor Winter Show Convenor

Sally-Anne Richardson

Kim Wilson - Board Member

Kim Wilson

Carly Sneddon

Warm Up Show Convenor Child Protection Officer
Covid 19 Officer